Jewelry Giveaway: Silver CZ Stud Earrings

By Abby and Elle

Jewelry manufacturer Anjolee has given us a CZ version of their diamond stud earrings to give away to one of our readers (U.S. residents only).

The box, which is impressive on its own — in it is a small display light that shines on the earrings when the box is opened — has been sitting on our desk for a few weeks now (frankly, the light is starting to dim because we keep playing with it, and we mention that for no other reason than to manage expectations for whoever wins the earrings). Anyway, staring at the earrings for so many weeks reminded Elle of “how she ended up with pierced ears.”

When Elle was about the tender age of 10, her mother, who dearly loved (and still does) earrings of all shapes, colors and sizes, kept pestering (yes, that’s an accurate assessment) Elle to get her ears pierced. “Come on! Let’s go to the mall and get your ears pierced!” Mom would say, every other day. Or she’d say, “You know, my friend Susan will pierce your ears for you. No need to trust some stranger at the mall.” Or she’d say, “You know, you really should get your ears pierced,” in the same tone a doctor would use to encourage a patient to get a tetanus shot — as she’s about to step barefoot on a rusty nail.

Elle wasn’t convinced. After all, who needed two extra holes in their head? Even so, everyone has a breaking point.  So one day in June, Elle made her way over to her mom’s friend’s house and asked her to pierce her ears. Brave lass that she was, she didn’t flinch when Susan placed a raw potato behind her earlobe (though she did seriously second-guess her decision). She didn’t jump out of the chair when Susan iced down the front of her earlobe. And she didn’t run screaming when she saw a long hot needle coming straight for her.

But when her mom came to pick her up later, she did pull back her hair, smile and say, “Happy Birthday!” And her mother couldn’t have been happier with her gift.

Well, readers, back to you. These lovely stud earrings are courtesy of Anjolee, a U.S. company that sells diamond bridal jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants directly to consumers. Here’s how to win them:

In the comment section, share your favorite jewelry story. Your story could be funny, sad, whatever.  Just make sure you post your story in the comment section by midnight on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015. We’ll have readers’ poll to choose the best story, and the winner gets the earrings!

Good luck, and special thanks to Anjolee for the beautiful stud earring giveaway!

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