Plus Size? Shop Your Shape!

IGIGI kelly_noirrose7821By Abby and Elle

A plus-size friend of ours recently asked us to help her find a dress for an event. She ranted about not being able to find clothes that fit well at the department stores. She also didn’t trust her instincts about what looks good on her and what doesn’t. She was downright frustrated, and rightly so.

Big girls are finally getting the attention they deserve from fashion designers. In case you never noticed, the plus-size sections in most stores are not plus size at all. They don’t offer the same diversity in selection as they offer for us “skinny bitches.” Why not?

The gist of it is, retailers don’t sell clothing that designers don’t make. Designers don’t make clothing they can’t get advertising for, and advertisers don’t buy for what they think is a small market. Truth be told, plus size is a big market, no pun intended.

Yuliya Raquel has known this for some time. Raquel started plus-size clothing line IGIGI more than a decade ago. Her company, which we stumbled upon recently, offers beautifully styled plus-size clothing in sizes 12 to 32. But the best thing about IGIGI is its online ShapeStylistTM tool, which allows women to find clothing that looks good on them, not just on the rack.

Answer a handful of questions and the tool instantly calculates your shape so that you can shop accordingly. So whether your body is a rectangle, inverted triangle or any of the five remaining shapes, IGIGI offers up a multitude of options designed to look great on your body type.

Now, IGIGI’s products aren’t cheap, but they do offer a sales section on their website, and we think it’s worth checking out especially if you need something special for an event the way our friend did.

After some trial and error in the fitting rooms, our friend did find the dress she was looking for at a plus-size store. We had a lot of fun helping her discover which styles look good on her and which styles don’t, a “problem” that isn’t unique to plus-size girls: Not every style looks good on every body. Our friend paid more for the dress than she ordinarily would have wanted to, but she looked splendid and that made the purchase worth it.

So ladies, treat yourself to something fashionable that will make you look and feel great. And if you sign up for IGIGI’s email newsletter, you’ll get a discount on your first order.

IGIGI francesca-dress-ruby-deco5834

IGIGI meredith_noirestate14835

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