Fashion Report from Italy: Funky!

DSC03708By Abby and Elle

This is the last of our fashion reports from Italy — at least until the next time we go, which hopefully won’t be too long because Italy is by far one of our top travel destinations.

What is it about Italy anyway that’s so endearing? (What isn’t? we suppose is the real question.) On this trip, Elle was eager (hell-bent is actually a better way to put it) to see an opera. She found tickets to La Boheme by Puccini, her favorite composer, which was playing for one night only at St. Mark’s English Church in Florence, and the date didn’t interfere with any other plans — what a stroke of double luck!

When Elle and the Love of Her Life, Arkady, arrived at the church, they discovered that, like all operatic performances at St. Mark’s, the opera was a benefit for a children’s home in Amala, a region in South India. The performers are all professional opera singers who donate both their time and talent. What’s more, the setting was extraordinary: intimate (maybe 50 people, tops) and Elle and Arkady had front-row seats.

Awestruck by the first half of the performance, Elle whispered to Arkady that the only thing that would make the evening “more perfect” was a glass of Prosecco, which they then agreed to have with dinner after the performance. And then a surprise: At intermission, the emcee invited the group into the lobby for refreshments, which included, yes, Prosecco! So there you have it: Italy! What’s not to love!


Elle has two dresses that, if you cross-bred them, would result in this dress. Weird.


We desperately want to pair the purple polka-dot gloves on the right with the outfit below.



Glitter tights. Whoa.


If you like over-sized zippers, this top is for you.


Woof. What else is there to say?


In person, these were exquisite!


Not the epitome of funkiness, but Elle has a thing for plaid, and Abby loves the color combo.


Who needs a GPS when you can have a map on your shoes and purse?


2 thoughts on “Fashion Report from Italy: Funky!

  1. I really love that suit (with the glitter tights)! And those leather items with the flowers look amazing. Saw the leather gloves everywhere too… I wish I would have bought a pair! I did get a sweater similar to that cream one with the fringe. Ahhh, Italy! Fun to hear about your opera experience 🙂

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