Like This? Buy This: Fur Handbags

By Abby and Elle
Fur handbags, which are hot for fall/winter 2014, are a trend with staying power. But why mire yourself in controversy by sporting a handbag with real fur when you can snag a faux fur handbag that’s almost just as lovely for a relative pittance?

So here’s a sample of several handbags that are comparable in many ways. But if you choose the faux fur version, you’ll save a bundle of cash, which you can then spend on wine, shoes or an animal welfare charity. Your choice.

If you love the Gucci Brown Fox Fur Britt Hobo Handbag below, which, admittedly, is super darling, perhaps you can just as easily love be satisfied with the Sable Faux Fur Weekender Bag, which sells for a mere $129. Just click on the images and then hover to get details.

So, which is your favorite? Leave us a comment below!


Like This? Buy This: Fur Handbags

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