You, Too, Can Wear a Monet

By Abby and Elle

This hand-painted silk scarf was a gift from a lovely woman Elle works with. The scarf is from In Stitches and was made by the women of Stitching Hope in Nicaragua. The scarf is fabulous because it:

  • looks like a Monet painting or a spring garden
  • is giant, which makes it versatile
  • doubles as a blanket when you’re in a meeting room that’s 55 degrees (Yeah, that happened this week. Every woman in the meeting was cocooning; thus, raising two questions: 1) Why are dudes never cold? and 2) Where’s a Snugli when you need one?)
  • helps support women in developing countries
  • was a fitting gift, which makes it extra special

Elle already had the perfect skirt (an ivory linen Orvis, $16) to go with the scarf, sourced from It’s So You boutique in Willoughby, but she had to hunt for a top, which she found in no time at the local Salvation Army (Ann Taylor petite, $3). She feels the same way about slips as she does hose, but this skirt needed one. Goodwill to the rescue! The Fidji shoes were inspired by her footwear haul in Germany. We won’t mention the cost, except to say THEY ARE TOTALLY WORTH IT AND SHE’D EVEN PAY DOUBLE. Yeah, they’re Dang Superb, they are, and if one can worship shoes, these are worth the glory.

So take a look at what Elle wore today and be sure to check out In Stitches!

DSC03328 (1)

DSC03326 (2)

DSC03343 crop

DSC03338 crop

DSC03340 crop

DSC03333 crop

DSC03347 crop

DSC03352 crop

DSC03348 crop

DSC03353 crop

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