Drunken Lunch Coming Up? There are Shoes for That

By Abby and Elle

Nine West’s recent advertising campaign has caused quite a hubbub, stirring up strong opinions across the globe.

Nine West claims to have a shoe for all of life’s special occasions such as a starter-husband hunt, a Drunch (that’s a drunken lunch or brunch, depending on whom you ask), baby’s first day of kindergarten and the anticipatory walk of shame. We actually didn’t know what that meant and had to look it up. (Praise be to Google.)

Take a look at Nine West’s ads here, and then tell us what you think.


Nine West Drunch

(Abby and Elle think that real friends let friends wear flats, especially if you’re drunching. Or whatever.)

Nine West Husband Hunter

(Apparently you need a starter husband because you never marry the right guy the first time around.)

9west shoe

(Abby and Elle think they meant to say, “Mommy now has the weekdays off from 9 to 3; that is, if she doesn’t already have another full-time job.”)

9west shoe 3

(We think they are the ones who should be ashamed. Seriously, blue flip-flops with that outfit?)

Decide for yourself and let us know: Did Nine West step out of bounds with their latest ad campaign?

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