Make it a Crystal Spring

Sabika drop earring

Sabika drop earring

By Abby and Elle

Take a look at this recently discovered (by us) jewelry, handmade from Austrian crystal by German and Austrian women in their own homes. The company, called Sabika, sent each of us a pair of their crystal drop earrings. We tried them for a couple of months, and here’s what we think.

For one, they’re durable — so if you’re hesitant to wear crystal jewelry because you think you’ll ruin it, don’t be. Still, crystal does require some special care. For example, you should avoid using jewelry cleaner on crystal or soaking them in water. You should also avoid getting skin or hair products on crystal. (Elle can vouch for this: She did ruin a pair of Austrian crystal earrings some years ago when she put them on while her fingers were still greasy with moisturizer. Waaa.)

For two, crystal has a timeless elegance, especially when layered with other crystal jewelry. Simply dazzling!

In terms of our sample earrings, Abby is partial to a more feminine look, but Elle loves their industrial style. You can tell from the photo that the setting has a certain strength to it. (Even so, when the earrings are on, the setting is barely noticeable.) Both of us appreciate that the earrings work well for a day at the office (they’re small enough) as well as for a cocktail party (they’re dramatic enough).

Sabika offers a wide variety of stunning crystal collections, and the looks range from vintage to contemporary. They also have a special edition that features Swarovski crystal. The jewelry is sold by consultants, and you can find a local one and peruse the wares on their website. (Be sure to check out their Trays of the Month, which you can find within their catalogs.)

Overall, though, what we like most is Sabika’s philosophy and business practices. They say they’re a “company by women for women,” and anything that helps keep women independent and self sufficient has our vote!

Sabika jewelry 3

Sabika jewelry necklace

PS: Stay tuned for a photo recap of the 2014 Good Style Fashion Show, which was — as always — terrific!

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