Warm to This Fashion Trend for Spring

By Abby and Elle

We have just the thing to jumpstart your spring wardrobe: a mid-length skirt. And the more feminine and flirty, the better. A skirt that’s mid-length (or tea-length) falls somewhere below your knee and above your ankle, and the style is hot for spring 2014.

Petite women may think they can’t wear mid-length skirts, but that’s not true. ASOS carries this mid-length jacquard skirt that not only reminds us of spring, with its mottled green pattern and organza insert, but is designed especially for those 5’3″ and under.
Midi skirt ASOS
Look for mid-length (or midi) skirts and dresses in stores or online — they’re easy to find now — and opt for feminine patterns in pastels or bright colors.

Maybe if we start shopping for spring, the warm weather won’t be far behind!

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