Fashion Secrets Uncovered

By Abby and Elle

Using black as your canvas, layering with neutrals and accessorizing with bold colors are the “Secrets of the world’s most fashionable women”, as reported by CNN (Jan. 2, 2014). We’ve been advising the same thing for years, and here are the secrets in a nutshell:

Use black as your canvas and build from there. Nothing beats basic black as the foundation for your wardrobe. What else do we love about black? Generally, you don’t have to worry about “shades of black” in the same way you do with other neutrals such as brown, ivory and grey. (“Good grief!” says Elle. “I can’t tell you how many grey things I have in my closet that don’t work together.”) But black is pretty much black, and your black cardigan mingles painlessly with your black jeans and black boots.

Bonus: Black and other neutrals easily translate from day to evening. As an example, your daytime office outfit of a long black skirt, ivory ruffled blouse and black blazer also works as a cocktail outfit. For a more dramatic effect, add some bling and red lipstick, and slip on a pair of strappy open-toed heels.

Layer with neutrals to add depth to your look. Neutrals such as brown, grey, ivory, beige, khaki, white and even navy help extend your wardrobe and add depth to your look. These earthy colors are easier to work with than pastels or bolder colors, and promise a sophisticated look. For example, try a champagne-colored cami or a grey turtleneck with a black cardigan, black jeans and black boots.


Minga Berlin Striped Over the Knee Socks – Layer Cake Mint Chocolate

Accessorize with bold colors. Here’s your chance to get creative! Use bright blues, bold greens, hot reds and even “radiant orchid,” the Pantone color for 2014, to add spice to your look. Keep an eye out for jewelry, scarves, belts and hats in these colors. Also think about how you layer clothing when considering color. For example, you may want to use brighter colors underneath neutrals to help soften them: a mint green blouse underneath a chocolate v-neck sweater, paired with a chocolate suede skirt and brown boots. And how about a pair of these Minga Berlin over-the-knee socks in mint green and chocolate stripes to round out the look – yum!

Check out the CNN article and be sure to click through the slideshow for some practical fashion ideas.

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