Return Those Stinkin’ Footie-PJs, and Get Yourself Something Fabulous!

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_025_STBy Abby and Elle

Now that the holidays are over, you likely have the time and cash to get yourself the gifts you didn’t get. If you’re looking for loads of designer inventory and real bargains, try Clothes Mentor, a resale boutique in Mayfield Heights, Strongsville and North Olmsted.

We and some friends gathered at the Mayfield Heights store one Sunday to see how easy it would be to pull together some complete outfits on the fly. Not only did we call our outing a wild success, but we also had a lot of fun! Take a look at what we found…

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_084_ST

Adrienne is ready for a day at the office in a smoke-grey leopard-print skirt, paired with a bright red blouse and black jacket. Check out the frilly scarf with flowery detail.  Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_076_ST

After losing the jacket and switching out the briefcase bag for a smashing Hobo bag in red, Adrienne can head out for a night on the town. We love the bishop sleeve on the blouse. (The Hobo bag was originally $118, but can be had at Clothes Mentor for an absolute fraction of that price.) Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_115_ST

Karen gave this professional-looking cream suit some serious edge by adding a black-ruffled blouse, leopard pumps and a snakeskin bag. WOW! Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_138_ST

Karen uncovered this surprising dress, the pattern of which is reminiscent of a leopard print done in almost a tye-dyed style. Pairing the dress with pink stilettos totally works! Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_109_ST

Kayleen easily found a bright scarf to match these royal blue pants. The open cardigan, with a sassy ruffle detail on the bottom, and black skyscraper heels complete the look. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_092_ST

Kayleen discovered these fun geometric blue and black pants.  She finished the look with black skyscraper heels and a black mesh blouse, a must-have piece that works well for day or evening. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_071_ST

Abby is itching for spring in pink capris, a pink-flowered top and pink pumps. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Abby in what she would wear for a New Year's Eve party.

Abby was thinking wintertime party when she spotted the white pants and white faux fur shrug. The navy blue sequenced top screams festivity — New Year’s Eve perhaps? Abby completed this perfect outfit with white pumps. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_118_ST

Adrienne is adorable in a casual mix of burgundy and grey. We love how she layered the colors, starting with a burgundy necklace and ending with simple grey pumps. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_124_ST

Karen is stunning in a tribal-patterned dress, paired with buttery leather brown boots. Her outfit easily can be worn during the day or for an evening out. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_097_ST

Abby sports a silky black and cream cami and matching skirt. The beading on the black sweater echoes the beading on those sexy, strappy shoes. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_086_ST

Karen found this vibrant geometric top and paired it with the perfect color pants: orange! The black heels ground this brilliant look. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_102_ST

Abby felt fun and sexy in this classic polka dot ensemble. She fell in love with the shoes as soon as she saw their bottoms (and she means both the hearts and the price tag!). Photo: Stephen Travarca

Clothes Mentor_12-29-13_143_ST

Randi Zeid is co-owner, along with her brother Jeff Rose, of Clothes Mentor in Mayfield Hts. Photo: Stephen Travarca

The best things about Clothes Mentor are the inventory — they have racks and racks of clothing, shoes, purses, scarves and jewelry — and, of course, the prices. (Also, if you happen to need or like wearing hospital scrubs, they have ’em — brand new.) They also pay you cash on the spot for your in-style clothing, meaning fashions that are new or have been in the stores no longer than a year or two, though they will take certain items anytime including designer handbags and clothing from designers such as Chanel.

So, what better remedy for mid-winter blues than a shopping trip!

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