You Need This Purse!

By Abby and Elle

clock purse

Clock purse on eBay

OK, so it’s a little late to get this for New Year’s Eve 2013, but you’ll have all of 2014 to get your hands on a quirky clock purse. Then if you’re lucky enough to be dancing the evening away with your Prince Charming or celebrating next New Year’s Eve, you’ll be all ready for the stroke of midnight.

Elegant clock purses were popular in the 30s and, although hard to find now, some new Steampunk purses have timepieces incorporated into them.

Steampunk clock purse on Etsy

Steampunk clock purse on Etsy

Best place to find a clock purse is to do a search on eBay or Etsy.

Happy shopping, and may your new year be filled with peace, happiness and good health — all in fine fashion.

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