Local Artist’s Fiber Fantastic Shawls: Learn Where to Get Yours!

Abby modeling an MZ Bead shawl

Abby looks as if she’s drenched in strands upon strands of pearls

By Abby and Elle

Here’s a local artist you need to know: Marci Zabell Bone, proprietor of MZ Beads. She’s the talent behind these gorgeous shimmery (and affordable) fiber fantastic shawls that can be worn many, many ways — and any way they’re worn, they look stunning.

We spent time with Marci to see her elegant creations up close, find out where she’s showing next (hint: Sunday, Aug. 25, at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens), and to get her take on the Cleveland style scene.

We even videotaped a demo on how to wear and care for — they’re self-healing! — her shawls.

On how she got started: Always “crafty,” Marci has been knitting since she was 10. When all these gorgeous fibers came out, she saw others knitting with them and thought, “OK, I know how to knit.” Her idea for these shawls came from a dishrag pattern. She envisioned something wearable, expanded the pattern and experimented until she got it right.

On wearing her knitted creations: Watch the video!

On Cleveland’s style scene: Since Marci shows at the Shaker Square Farmers Market, she has ample opportunity to people watch. “At Shaker Square, we see all the demographics, from hippies to Europeans. To her mind, Clevelanders have their own style and don’t seem to pay too much attention to trends. “We wear what we want,” she says.

Because emerald is the Pantone color of the year, Marci stocked up on green fiber, but she’s observed that everyone in Cleveland is still wearing orange, which was last year’s color. Fingers crossed, everyone will be wearing green next year!

On finding Marci: If you want to see these magnificent creations along with her handmade jewelry in person, come to the First Annual One World Festival this Sunday, Aug. 25, at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, where Marci will have a booth. She also shows regularly at the Shaker Square Farmers Market and will be at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds for Oktoberfest over Labor Day weekend. You can find her online here or email her at mzbeads@gmail.com.

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Abby modeling an MZ Bead shawl

This gold shawl is a standout, especially against black or navy blue

Abby modeling an MZ Bead shawl

A frenzy of vibrant color!

Abby modeling a tunic from MZ Beads

Marci also creates these easy-to-wear tunics, which she says only get softer the more you wash them


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