Fashion Report: St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg  Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood gateBy Elle
Am I the only person on earth who doesn’t like the Beatles, birthday cake or St. Petersburg? Sure feels like it sometimes.

OK, my trip to St. Petersburg wasn’t that bad — after all, nothing unfortunate happened. And although I didn’t love St. Petersburg, I found it to be the most interesting city I visited. I guess I can’t get over how sad everyone looked. And scolding! Even when I wasn’t being chased away when taking photos of fashions, I felt like I was committing a wrongdoing by simply being there.

We spent one afternoon at the Hermitage, where I noticed old Russian women stationed in most of the galleries. Typically they sat (slumped, more like) in the corner, clutching their handbag in their lap (trust me, their handbags weren’t that nice). For any infraction, they’d scold you in Russian. As I entered each gallery, I’d try to smile at the women, but if they did make eye contact, which was rare, they never smiled back. Ever.

But that has nothing to do with fashion, so let’s get to it. What did I find in St. Petersburg besides scowling faces? Funky shoes. Recall that I wrote about getting chased away for taking photos, so Abby created this lovely Polyvore collection of funky shoes, similar to those I saw in many of the clothing and shoe shops in St. Petersburg.

If I had to wear one, I’d pick the fourth one from the left, top row. I’m thankful, however, I don’t have to wear any of them. Post a comment and let us know which is your favorite!

Funky Shoe

P.S.: Stay tuned for one more fashion report, this one from Germany. You won’t believe the shoes we found, and I’ll tell you where you can get them from the comfort of your home!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Report: St. Petersburg, Russia

  1. Hey… Another fun post from the trip…
    So, I’m not a fan of birthday cake either! 🙂 But I do love those Beatles…
    My shoe vote is for the second one in the top row… that design looks oh so Eastern Euro!

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