Fashion Report: Stockholm

By Elle

Stockholm's Old Town

I want that couple over my front door

What was our word for Stockholm? We had several but “smart” seems to stick in my mind.

We spent the day in Stockholm’s Old Town, but it sure didn’t feel old. The city was vibrant, clean and friendly. In the morning, we took a boat tour of the canals and enjoyed a tasty pub lunch (beer included) before attacking the city on foot.

Here’s something of interest: Stockholm is actually made up of 14 islands; one third of the city is water. Naturally bridges abound, but we were told the city is planning to build underground tunnels to help ease the traffic.

Well, let us delay the fashion report no longer!

Stockholm fashion 2

Forgive the terrible window glare. This shop, called Oleana, features gorgeous cardigans made in Norway in traditional Scandinavian designs

Stockholm fashion 3

Inside Oleana. I still can’t get over how much I adore the red and pink cardigan, matched with the red rose choker and white lace skirt

Fashion from Oleana

The charming salesgirl from Oleana was gracious enough to let me photograph her

Stockholm fashion

Another beauty from Oleana. The pattern on this green, white and red cardigan is as unique as I’ve seen

Stockholm fashion

Is this totally sexy, or what? Note the bottom of her leggings

Stockholm fashion

The layers and layers of gauze, which include a layer of tender florals, reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. I even dig the way the boots work with the outfit!

Stockholm fashion

We saw layers of gauzy material throughout our entire trip through Scandinavia

Stockholm fashion

Love the buttons on the skirt on the right, but “note” the skirt on the left!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Report: Stockholm

    • Hi Marci, thanks for writing. We didn’t notice those styles on the streets so much, but I bet it was because the streets were full of tourists. Plus, I had to keep my eyes toward the ground much of the time so I wouldn’t break an ankle on the cobblestones!

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