Shopping Alert! I Hit the Mother Lode

By Elle

If you love flip flops as much as I do, grab your cash and head over to Kohl’s. I was in the Mentor store last night, on my This-Will-Be-Futile search for brown flip flops, and voila! I hit the mother lode.

Flip flops

Not only do they have flip flops in virtually every color, but they also have a giant assortment of styles. I saw flip flops with beads, bows, bling, ribbons and buckles. I saw flat, basic flip flops and flips flops with heels (my pref). Kohl’s carries every brand from Candies, Chaps and SO to Simply Vera Wang, Apt. 9 and more. I was in flip flop heaven.

Best part: They’re all on sale now, and if your cashier is anything like mine, she’ll give you an extra coupon if you didn’t bring one. (It’s times like this that I wish I’d been born with two pairs of feet.)

Now these aren’t end-of-summer clearance prices, but a sale is a sale. I picked up my brown, blingy flip flops (see photo) for about 10 bucks. And my feet LOVE them. (They better; they’re about to spend two days walking the Ann Arbor art fair!)

Readers: Any other suggestions for other mid-summer deals?

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