Want Some Good Luck?

By Abby and Elle

Colors by pfflyerIf you want to enjoy good luck and balance, you might consider dressing according to the color of the day.

What in the world is the “color of the day”?

You see, each day of the week is ruled by a planet, and each day has a corresponding color that relates to the day’s planetary influences. For example, Monday is ruled by the moon, and the colors associated with the moon are white, blue, silver and grey. Therefore, if you wear those colors on a Monday, you’ll be in harmony with the moon and more likely to attract its magical properties, which are peace, intuition and, of course, romance. (Who can’t use a little of that?)

How do I find the color of the day?

Why, you can get it from our new blog feature. Color of the Day is a new page on our blog.

At each month’s end, we’ll publish the colors of the day for the coming┬ámonth. Wear these colors on the corresponding day and see if things don’t start looking up!

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PPS: Also, stay tuned for a fashion report from Helsinki, Finland, and our take on a line of French skin care products.

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