Fashion Report: Tallinn, Estonia

By Elle

Tallinn's Old Town

Tallinn’s Old Town

My traveling partner, Adrienne, and I tried to come up with one word to neatly describe each city we visited.

In Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia (and largest city, though only 62 square miles or about the size of Akron, Ohio), we visited the Old Town. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tallinn’s Old Town remains traditional, authentic and quaint in many ways. (Three words, I know.) Yet Tallinn also boasts a thriving city that has made the list of top 10 digital cities in the world, relating to its level of wireless infrastructure, connectivity and more.

The Old Town was filled with beautiful architecture and lots of shops peddling traditional Estonian handicrafts such as wood products, wool sweaters and dresses, lace tablecloths and mats, lots of linen, and wool and felted hats.

Hats? Yeah, they had me at hats.

Shopping in Tallinn, Estonia

Yes, I bought the hat!

Shopping in Tallinn, Estonia

How about this whimsical number?

Shopping in Tallinn, Estonia

Should have bought this one, too, but was worried about getting all my purchases home!

Lunch in Tallinn, Estonia

Of course, shopping requires refueling. Rick Steves didn’t steer us wrong. He insisted on Estonia’s traditional pub food (deep-fried dark bread with garlic and garlic sauce) and Estonian beer, Saku. Yum!

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