Fashion Report: Copenhagen

By Elle

Just returned from 11 days in Scandinavia, Russia and Germany, and I’ll be sharing photos of the fashions from each of my destinations. Most of the shots were taken of mannequins in store windows and rather quickly (to see Scandinavia, Russia and Germany in 11 days requires fast footwork — and fast camera work), so please forgive the less-than-optimal quality!

Notable in Copenhagen were strappy sandals. All the women were wearing them.  You can see some examples in the window shots below and in the last photo. Enjoy!

Copenhagen fashion

White hot!

Copenhagen fashion

Lots of layers, in Copenhagen and throughout Scandinavia

Copenhagen fashion

Copenhagen fashion

Copenhagen fashion

The mannequin on the right looks to be wearing a cape-like jacket. Why didn’t I buy that??!

Copenhagen fashion

Bianco Footwear, Copenhagen

Sandals from Bianco Footwear, Copenhagen

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