How Beautiful Are You?

By Abby and Elle

Greetings, Little Pretties! You know, here at Abby & Elle we naturally focus a lot on how we look (duh, fashion blog), and occasionally we feel a little self-conscious about that.

The main message we try to send is that the better you look, the better/more confident you’ll feel. And who doesn’t need that? But we try to focus on those things you can control: Make sure you sport a great haircut, be kind to your skin, maintain good posture and dress well. Oh, and smile! To us, those are the elements of beauty.

We know, however, that many of us don’t love how we look, or we’re critical of every feature — those things we often can’t control, at least not without the help of a scalpel. Our nose is too big, thighs are too chunky, lips too thin, and so on.

Think right now for a moment about how you see yourself. How beautiful are you? And then watch this.

This short video, courtesy of Dove, is called Real Beauty Sketches. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. Then leave us a comment. Share at least one thing that is beautiful about you. Go ahead. We don’t call you Little Pretty for nothing.

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