We’re Giving Away a Pair of Tickets

By Abby and Elle

Goodwill FindWe’re giving away a pair of tickets to the Good Style Fashion Show on Thursday, May 9, at the Cleveland Aquarium and Windows on the River. The event begins at 6 pm in the aquarium, to which you have full access. Heckle the sharks while enjoying a glass of wine and munching on heavy hors d’oeuvres.  From 7 to 7:30, shop the silent auction (lots of jewelry for Mom’s Day!) and the special pop-up boutique at Windows on the River. (Yes, the two venues are connected.)  The fashion show begins at 7:30. And all attendees receive a gift bag!

Here’s the best part: Abby and I will be showing a line of clothing, theme for which is the Wizard of Oz, that we assembled from awesome Goodwill finds! You’ll be amazed at our inspired interpretations of famous Oz characters such as the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Dorothy, the Lion and more.

Folks, the Good Style Show is not to be missed; read our coverage of last year’s show here.

So how do you qualify for a pair of free tickets? Simply submit a comment to this post by April 30 about why you like Abby and Elle Upstairs Fashion or what you’d like to see more of. We’ll randomly select a winner on May 1. It’s just that easy.

Woo hoo! See you at the show!

14 thoughts on “We’re Giving Away a Pair of Tickets

  1. my twin sister and I are going to be there ,celebrating our birthday, but would love to win 2 more tix to be able to bring a couple of friends with us. Checking out your “what to wear…when” post to get ideas!

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  3. This would be amazing if I could win tickets for my daughter and I to attend!! She is a senior in HIgh School and wants to get in the wonderful world of fashion. Just came across your blog via Living Social and Love it!!!

  4. I may not be a blogger myself but I do love fashion and am always looking for creative ways to breathe new life into my existing wardrobe. I first checked out this blog because my name is Elle too (I love my name about as much as I love clothes) but I have kept coming back because of the interesting posts. I especially appreciate the Earth Friendly section!

  5. Hi there! I would love to win! I just started my Cleveland fashion blog and have been having so much fun checking out all of the blogs in Cleveland. You have a really down to earth take on fashion. love it!

  6. So excited to hear about this upcoming Fashion Show!! Totally love the idea of showcasing Goodwill treasures. Abby and Elle do not disappoint!!

    • Maria, you’re our lucky winner! Your 2 tickets will be on the guest list at the door of the show. Just give them your name and tell them you’re the winner of the Abby & Elle Upstairs Fashion blog contest. See you there!!!

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