More Than Color

By Elle

Next time you grab a pair of earrings (or other piece of jewelry) to complement your outfit, consider more than just their color. Think about their shape, texture and detail, and how they might work with something else in your closet that you hadn’t considered.

Here are just some ideas and examples:

Blue crystal earrings

Not only does the vibrant blue in these crystal earrings pick up the blue in this shirt (and I like how the blue flowers in the shirt are right below the ears), but the texture of the earrings also mimics that of the embroidered flowers.

Blue crystal earrings (gift)

Blue crystal earrings (gift from Mom).

Amber triangles

Love how the shape of the earrings mimics the neckline of the blazer.

Amber triangle earrings

Amber triangle earrings.

Amber rectangle earrings

The rectangular shape of these amber earrings mirrors the shapes in the scarf.

Kimono pin and jacket

I bought this handmade kimono pin specifically to go with this silk jacket, which I bought in a bazaar in Manhattan years ago. The colors and style are a perfect complement.

Kimono pin

Kimono pin

Tri-color ring earrings

These rings of silver, gold and copper are echoed in the pattern on this blouse.

Tri-color ring earrings

Tri-color ring earrings.

Do you have a favorite outfit/jewelry combo that you’d like to share? Snap a photo and email it to us at, and we’ll share it with our readers!

PS: I was lucky enough to babysit the Littlest Fashionista the other night. Even though she’s just three weeks old, she’s eager to start blogging. At least that’s how I interpreted her yawns.

The Littlest Fashionista

When she wasn’t eating, the Littlest Fashionista was indulging in a peaceful slumber. Aw, cute and smart.

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