Celebrating My Inner Gypsy

By Elle

Found this Knitted Dove dress at Green Roots Collection at Cleveland Clinic last week. Not only was the dress on sale (60% off!), but I was also celebrating my birthday that day, and what better gift to give myself than a lovely new dress.

When I brought it home, my boyfriend, who was in the process of preparing a six-course beer-paired birthday dinner — crazy delish! — was all smiles. (For some reason, he loves it when I treat myself.)

I love the embroidered front on this dress and the slight grey ruffle, which gives the dress a peasant, gypsy feel.


To emphasize the gypsy look, I added a coordinating scarf around my head — hint: stretchy scarves work best for this — and giant silver hoop earrings.

All my inner gypsy needed was a tambourine, a bonfire and a deck of Tarot cards!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating My Inner Gypsy

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