Baby Bump Fashion

By Abby

If you haven’t already noticed from the recent pictures of me in our posts, I am pregnant. Luckily I lost weight the first five months but now that I am in my seventh month and have gained 15 pounds, my jeans don’t fit so well. So I recently broke down and bought some maternity clothes.

Yoko Wrap Top by Annee Matthew; find it at

Yoko Wrap Top by Annee Matthew; find it at

First things first, maternity clothes have a short shelf life, so don’t spend a fortune on them. If you’ve never thrifted before, this is the time! There’s no point in paying retail for clothes you’ll only wear a few months. No one ever wore out their maternity clothes (exception: Michelle Duggar’s maternity clothes are her regular clothes), so you are guaranteed to find like-new items at thrift stores.

Maternity Jeans

Stylish and comfy, from Just Maternity Jeans

If you’re shopping for maternity clothes, you’ll need a few basic essentials like any other wardrobe: At least two pairs of jeans, several tops, a dress and, depending on your job, dress pants and skirts.

  • Jeans are a must-have for wearing around the house.
  • Tops should either be fitted or have an empire waist so you look pregnant and not pudgy.
  • A dress will come in handy for special events.
  • If you have a professional position, you may need suits tailored for pregnant women.
  • Avoid wearing sweatpants with your husband’s extra-large shirts; you’re not a campground, so don’t sport a tent!

Show off that baby bump in tops that wrap, are ruched or have cinched sides. If you’re a little shy about showing off baby, look for tops with an empire waist, which hug your breasts but fall over your belly.

And if you’re expecting, congratulations!

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