Top 5 Fashiony Things We’re Thankful For

By Abby and ElleHappy Thanksgiving

On this eve of Thanksgiving, we reflect on how thankful we are for these top 5 fashiony things:

  1. Casual shoe options other than Crocs. Seriously, that IS No. 1.
  2. The creativity of artists and designers, without which getting dressed every morning would be not only disagreeable but quite possibly agonizing.
  3. The plethora of local fashion shopping options (check out this Cool Cleveland guide). And may we mention Revive Fair Trade Boutique (special deals Thanksgiving weekend!) and the Republic of Artists Holiday Market, featuring local artists and where you can enjoy wine, appetizers and shopping? If you haven’t been, you must — we insist!
  4. Being invited to display our personal style on the runway of the 2013 Good Style Fashion Show on May 9. (Stay tuned for details and a chance to win free tickets to this truly extraordinary event!)
  5. You, our loyal readers and lovers of all things fashiony. We love when you send us your Fashion 9-1-1s, comment on our posts and stop us on the street (though why you must always demand a dollar is beyond us).

And if there were a No. 6, it would be the opportunity to learn new words, like fashiony. (Dang, we thought we’d made up that word.)

Please accept Abby and Elle’s heartfelt wishes for a happy, safe and fashiony Thanksgiving holiday.

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