Fashion 9-1-1 — My Baby’s Got Back

Dear Abby and Elle: My curvy teen can’t find jeans. We’ve been forced to put her in “mom” jeans. Is there a brand out there that makes jeans for a kid like mine? — Momma Jeans

Hydraulic jeans for juniors at Kohl's

Hydraulic jeans for juniors at Kohl’s

Dear Momma Jeans: Finding jeans that fit: the perennial problem. Luckily we know exactly which jeans your girl will look good in and where to find them. Curvy girls we know sing the praises of Hydraulic brand jeans. Locally, both Kohl’s and Macy’s carry Hydraulic jeans from size 0 to 24. Levi’s also makes curvy cut jeans, and most major department stores carry them. Check the Levi’s website to “find your curve.”

Depending on whether she wants to highlight her curves or hide them, we have some tips that may help:

  • Skinny jeans highlight curves, whereas boot-cuts and flares balance them out.
  • Low-rise jeans will almost always make her backside look bigger. We recommend mid-rise jeans, especially for teens. Check Kohl’s for their online guide to different styles, rises and lengths.
  • Trouser-cut jeans look great on curvy girls (and everyone else, for that matter).
  • Back-pocket embellishments attract attention and make the backside appear bigger. Shoot for plain back pockets, especially avoiding small pockets.
  • Size matters! Be sure to buy the correct size jeans — it makes all the difference. Baggy jeans will only make her look bigger, and jeans that are too small are uncomfortable and will accentuate problem areas.

For a personalized experience and tailored fit, we recommend visiting Jean-o-logy in Cleveland Heights. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Fashion 9-1-1 — My Baby’s Got Back

  1. One of my daughters has the same problem. Joe’s, which are almost always available at Nordtrom Rack, fit her very nicely and teens find them stylish.

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