Earth-friendly Fashion: Local Shopping Tip

By Elle

While killing time (who has the luxury of doing that anymore?) at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst this weekend, I stumbled upon Revive, a boutique that specializes in “fair trade eco-fashion.” Yeah, stuff made from soy and milk fibers, hemp, bamboo, recycled material and more.

I knew about Revive from their enewsletters but didn’t realize they were right around the corner. And they have a store in Cleveland Heights, too. My eyes immediately locked on a batik-pattern silk scarf in brown, gold and grey. I debated about getting it but then felt a sense of duty to help support a local boutique and its fair-trade partners. Besides, that color combo just works for me.

Although it was super hot that evening, I decided I had to wear it — but no way was I about to tie that thing ’round my neck. I snaked my new find through the belt loops of a short blue skirt, tying it on the side, and topped it off with a light grey cami. Perfect for enjoying my No. 1 man, wine and saganaki at the Greek Festival in Cleveland Heights!

Fair trade scarf from India

Fair trade scarf from India, made especially for Revive

PS: I did buy another little something at Revive, but I can’t share it with you here: It’s a holiday gift for Abby!

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