Love What Someone Else is Wearing?

By Abby and Elle


Why not pay them a compliment! Research shows that receiving a compliment stimulates the same part of the brain that gets excited about receiving money, which most of us can agree feels pretty dang good. Paying a compliment can make you feel just as great because it means you have healthy self esteem to notice something good about someone else. And having healthy self esteem makes you feel good and look good, which will in turn attract compliments in return!

‘Course you shouldn’t just compliment someone willy-nilly. Be sincere. The best compliments are specific — and even better if you offer a reason why. For example, you might tell someone, “I love that shirt. The neckline really complements the shape of your face.”

Paying a compliment will make you feel like a million bucks. And it will make the receiver feel like you’ve shared your million.

PS from Elle: Guess what, everyone? Soon we’ll be covering some maternity fashions because Abby is expecting her first baby!

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