Why You Love It #1

By Abby and Elle

Black DKNY cotton-knit hoodie

Treasures abound! A DKNY cotton-knit hoodie, picked up at a church rummage sale for 50 cents.

One of our loyal followers, Babsheba, shares a recent find and tells why she loves it.

Earlier this month, she stopped during the last 45 minutes of a rummage sale at a Westlake church. After digging around in a “messy heap of clothes,” she discovered this gem: a gently worn black DKNY hoodie, marked $1, but 50% off because it was the last hour of the sale!

She knew right away it would fit without trying it on.

Black always works for Babsheba, and she loves that the hoodie is a soft cotton-knit, a “great comfy weekend piece to run errands in or to veg at home,” she says.

“I love it because it was unexpected; I went at the tail end of the sale not expecting to find anything, let alone a piece of clothing,” says Babsheba. “Of course, the designer label didn’t hurt. Gave it some ‘street cred!’ ”

We love it, too, Babsheba! Thanks for sharing your find.

P.S.: Have a favorite you’d like to share? Email us at abbyandelle@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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