Our Goodwill Finds

By Abby and Elle

Ah, yes, the moment you’ve been waiting for: What we found on our Goodwill expedition to its Shaker Square store. In a nutshell, tons of great stuff for cheap. All told, we took home quite the haul for under $75. Most outfits we put together cost less than $10. Let’s get the party started:

Shopping's not for the faint of heart.

Shopping’s not for the faint of heart. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Matching up finds

We knew we’d come away with some terrific finds, but we were nervous that we wouldn’t be able to match entire outfits. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Cute shorts!

What cute shorts! Photo: Stephen Travarca

White House Black Market top

White House Black Market top: $3.50. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Black print skirt

Black print skirt: $3.50. Knew I could easily match this with a black top. Note the odd black stitching at top and see below for the fix! Photo: Stephen Travarca

Quick button fix

Found these buttons — seriously, they totally match the skirt — at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Cost me $10, bringing the total cost of the skirt to $13.50. Still a steal!

Goodwill Finds

One complete outfit! White House Black Market top, beige silk scarf and black print skirt. Total cost at Goodwill: $9. Total cost including buttons on skirt: $19

BCBG top

This BCBG top started out at nearly $100. What did I pay? $3.50 (hence the grin). Photo: Stephen Travarca

Another outfit!

Another outfit! Cost: $7

Jean skirt and casual t-shirt style top

Deconstructed jean skirt and casual t-shirt style top: $7. Photo: Stephen Travarca

All black

Another winner! Black skirt, top and bag, perfect for summer evenings: less than $10. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Red combo

Red skirt, strapless top and Asian print bag: less than $10. Photo: Stephen Travarca

Deconstructed jean skirt and red strapless top

Abby found a winning combo in this deconstructed jean skirt and red strapless top: $7. (Adorable shoes from JC Penney.)

A complete outfit!

Matching this deconstructed jean skirt was easy, and it pairs well with bright red.

Abby loves red.

Abby loves red. Nothing more to say.

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