Making Conscious Choices

By Abby and Elle

Fair-trade asymmetrical zipper

Did you know that the clothes you wear that were made in India or in other developing countries were likely made by children working in horrific conditions? And as if that weren’t bad enough, the process that went into making your clothing polluted our world more than a gas-guzzling SUV. Makes you want to go naked, doesn’t it?

Seriously, the fashion industry has some major flaws when it comes to pollution, child labor and fair wages. Fortunately someone is trying to fix these flaws: Eva Kruse, CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute and Chairman of the Nordic Fashion Association. In April 2012, Kruse and more than 1,000 others gathered for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, during which they discussed sustainable solutions to the fashion industry’s problems.

“The culmination was a suggested Code of Conduct, created in conjunction with the United Nations, for the Fashion and Textile industry.” (“Eco-fashionista campaigns for sexy, sustainable fashion.”)

At Abby and Elle, we have a code of conduct as well: thrifting as much as possible. By buying second-hand, we’re hoping to help reduce the fashion industry’s impact on our environment. And by buying fair-trade as often as possible, we’re hoping to help folks in developing countries make a fair wage.

Of course, we’re far from perfect. But isn’t it good to know that someone with some clout has taken notice and is working toward change? And just as good, you can buy second-hand and feel great (maybe even smug!) about it.

P.S.: Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll share our environmentally friendly Goodwill finds.

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