Dang Lucky Indeed

By Elle

Dang Lucky

Dang Lucky and proud of it! And made in the USA, from Dang Chicks

Are you one of those people who say, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”? I hope not.  Because I’m a true believer that you are what you think you are. And when you project negative thoughts/vibes/attitudes into the universe, well, the universe responds appropriately. So why not project the good stuff?

Me, I always say that I’m dang lucky. The question isn’t so much why I say it but, rather, why not? I’d choose good luck over bad luck any day, the same way I choose happiness. And the universe responds.

Today I woke up to clear blue skies, and I was so excited I brought the children in the house over to the window to look. It wasn’t that blue skies are all that uncommon, but I wanted them to appreciate a beautiful day, delight in something positively ordinary.

So where’s the fashion hook? Imagine how delighted I was when I discovered Dang Chicks and their whole line of dang fun apparel, accessories, jewelry and more (made in the USA!), and this dang cute t-shirt (super soft and comfy) that I now own.

I don’t ordinarily wear messages on my clothing (though I do have a t-shirt from the Cleveland International Film Festival that declares that I like to sit in the dark with strangers), but this one was meant for me.

And wasn’t I lucky to find it?

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