Fashion 9-1-1 — Ain’t Got a Thing to Wear

Dear Abby and Elle: This is embarrassing. I own mounds of clothing, but, come spring, I can’t find a thing to wear.  Nothing seems just right. The weather is either too warm or too cold for what I own. Help! — Fashion Goldilocks

Kicking back at the Wine Spot in Cleveland Hts.

Kicking back at the Wine Spot in Cleveland Hts.

Jenn looking lovely in spring layers

Jennifer looking lovely in spring layers

Dear Fashion: Here we are in April, and I think it is the cruelest month, isn’t it? Wooly tights are just right for snowstorms, and linen capris are perfect ‘neath a hot summer sun, but what to wear now when the sun beats hot but the wind can still blow cold?

Layers, that’s what.

I put together this layered spring ensemble (left) the other night. Picked up the Ann Taylor Loft skirt for about $14 (love the colors!) and the lightweight corduroy coat (Banana Republic) for about the same price from From Me To You, a relatively new boutique/consignment shop in Mentor on Mentor Ave. near Rt. 306. (The boutique has a terrific selection of designer labels, and everything from suits and coats to hats and handbags. Solid selection of unique jewelry, too, and Rubin, the owner, is delightful. Be sure to pay her a visit!)

I wore a lightweight dark brown sweater over a pink lace tank to bring out the pink in the skirt and to add a touch of spring to the outfit. I wore my new brown belt from The Limited over the sweater and finished the look with dark brown boots. When I got too warm, I simply took off my coat.

Jennifer, the finest hair stylist this side of the Mississippi (right), looks and feels fabulous in light layers: taupe tank, white oxford and beige pullover sweater vest. The combo of lightweight materials ensures that she doesn’t get too hot or too cold, and the light colors are perfect for the season. She ties it all together with a beaded necklace in contrasting colors, a white chunky bracelet and beige shoes. She is fabulous!

And she’s on the right track with oxfords for spring because you can wear a tank or cami beneath them or a lightweight sweater over them — or both. Add a light-colored cotton skirt or leggings and you have the perfect outfit for fickle — and sometimes cruel — weather.

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Splash of spring oxfords from J. Crew
Splash of spring oxfords from J. Crew
Layers, layers, layers! from J. Crew

Layers, layers, layers! from J. Crew

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