Staying on Top of Fashion

By Abby

Valentino black dresses

Valentino black dresses

Staying on top of the latest fashions isn’t always easy. It takes time to sort through what’s in season, what’s coming up and what looks best on you. The internet is a great resource for current news and studying history; not so much for predicting the future.

Fashion is all about the next season, and one good way to keep up with new styles is to attend fashion events in your community. Elle and I will be attending (and blogging about) some of the upcoming Fashion Week Cleveland events:

  • Pre-show at 78th Street Studios, April 20
  • GlamJam Festival, Saturday, May 5
  • Dressed, the film, Friday, May 11
  • Runway Shows, Saturday, May 12

We’ll also be attending a fashion event called the Finishing Touch Tea on April 21 in Kirtland to benefit Suit Yourself (call 440.392.6000 for details). And if you live near Chardon, join us on Friday, April 27, during the Maple Festival for a glimpse of Marci’s Hair on the Square Fashion Show (call 440.285.5670 for details — I just might be a model!) We’ll also will be attending Goodwill’s annual fashion show and silent auction on May 3 at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

If you can’t make any of the upcoming fashion events, don’t despair.  Just keep up with our blog.

If you’d like more info on Fashion Week Cleveland, visit their website — maybe we’ll see you there!

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