Do You Have This Bad Habit?

Match game

Match game

By Elle

Do you wear the same pair of slacks every time you slip into your favorite silk top? Or the same silver belt with your blue tank dress? Makes getting dressed easy, but also makes you look, dare I say, predictable.

Don’t feel bad. Humans are creatures of habit, and we sometimes have to go out of our way to shake things up, especially when it comes to our wardrobe. What’s the worst that can happen if you don’t, you ask? Your stale fashion habits will lead to boredom, a desire to buy an entirely new wardrobe and, very likely, eternal self-loathing.  Don’t kid yourself. You don’t need that.

The good news is, there’s hope. And in this case hope comes in two options:

Path of Least Resistance  While you’re standing in your closet, grab a piece of clothing that could use a new mate and hold it up against potential suitors — and I don’t mean only items you think might work. Be open to new combos! Be bold! Even if sparks don’t fly, you may well discover that what your silk sari skirt really needs is a drape neck tank in polished linen rib (, $158), or a lace-inset cowl neck top (Banana Republic, on sale right now for $32.99). Then you get to go shopping. And that’s so bad?

Road Less Traveled  When I’m really in the mood to create some new combos, I throw several items on my bed and just start mixing and matching. (I imagine it’s a lot like cross-breeding dogs, but certainly more civilized and probably less messy.)

I often take the road less traveled ironically right before I actually travel, looking for coordinating items so that I can pack lightly. And although I’ve been doing this for years, even I can’t anticipate the surprising new combos that result!

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