Hey Matchmaker, Make Me Match!

By Abby

Ribbed sweater combo

Ribbed sweater combo

I love it when all the right things come together to make a perfect match. I got a steal on a bright blue knit top with a vertical rib pattern from Elite Repeats Clothing Boutique. A few months later I found another good deal at Kohl’s on a set of earrings and matching necklace, the same color blue as my top. What pulled it all together was a white sweater with a vertical rib pattern.

CIFF: White Tank with sequence

CIFF: White tank with sequence

Last week Elle and I were being carried away at the Cleveland International Film Festival. I paired the same white sweater with a white tank; its stripes of white sequins mimicked the vertical rib pattern in the sweater.  With a crystal and pearl necklace and matching  earrings that mimicked the sequins, I sparkled more than the stars on the screen. (What’s more, I nearly got picked up by a floating whale.)

Sparkling pink knit tank top

Sparkling pink knit tank top

Speaking of sparkle, I have a knit tank with sparkling silver threads woven through it. It has horizontal zigzag stripes that alternate pink, brown and white. I usually pair it with a lacy pink tank top. Why? Because the lace helps soften the jagged stripes, and the necklines mimic each other, unifying the look. And, of course, I have pink and silver jewelry to pull it all together.

Lesson: Look for details in clothing and accessories that mimic each other, whether it’s color, texture, lines or fabric. Don’t be afraid to mix things up; you just might find a perfect match!

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