A Must-Have, Uncovered

By Elle

In my last post, I noted my silky black cardigan, which I LOVE and which I found at a sidewalk sale during an artwalk on Larchmere in Cleveland for like $10. Nuts!

It’s a total must-have classic, and I love it because it’s silky and lightweight and really goes with everything, from a satiny skirt and jeans to wool pants.

Woolovers Cardigan

Woolovers Cardigan

So, for all of you, I uncovered a similar product from a UK company called Woolovers. Now I’ve never bought from them before, but check out the lovely line of cardigans, especially the cropped crew, tie-front and ruffle cardigans.

These fashionable cardigans come in a bevy of colors (cornflower and pistachio — who could resist!), perfect for breathing life into a spring wardrobe.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some, er, chores to attend to.

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