Clearance Scores

By Elle

When I walk into a store, my blinders are on until I hit the back. Seriously, I rarely peek, unless I spot a sale sign that’s worth my time.  Otherwise, I’m all about the clearance racks.

Skirt from The Limited

Skirt from The Limited

So here’s what I scored on two recent trips to The Limited. On the first trip, it was the young’un in the family, Brenna, who dragged me inside. “You need to buy something for your fashion blog!” she said. I listened to her advice (because, yeah, I need encouragement to shop). Turns out, as usual, she was right (but don’t tell her; she’s only 6 for crying out loud).

I found this cute, cute, cute skirt on the clearance rack. Regularly $75. I paid…wait for it…$15. Wasn’t sure at the time exactly what I’d wear it with, but it goes perfectly with a black cami, black cardigan, those awesome black patterned tights I wrote about recently and a pair of black heels. What I love most about this skirt is the band of black material around the waist and its flare. It’s so fun and girlish and yummy!

On my next trip to the mall with a good friend of mine (we had time to kill while Brenna was making quiche in her cooking class), I found this fab belt. I’m not a big fan of belts (you’ll hear more about that later, I’m sure), but who could resist? Especially when it was regularly about $35, marked down to $16 and 40% of that. Woo hoo! Ten bucks later, it was mine. Goes great with my long brown sweater (shown in the photo) and probably a million other things in my closet.

Belt from The Limited

Belt from The Limited

Lesson: Want a bargain? Head right for the clearance racks. You may not always find something, and it’s OK to leave empty-handed! Whatever you do, don’t buy something just because it’s a “good deal.” Your fashion find isn’t a good deal if you don’t like it, it doesn’t fit right or you don’t have a dang thing to wear with it. In that case, your good deal is nothing more than money wasted.

3 thoughts on “Clearance Scores

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  2. Love the skirt! I just stumbled upon a site that has THE most awesome shoes, boots and clogs… But they’re very expensive. Do you ever consider a “splurge” because you’ve otherwise been so thrifty?

    • Thanks for writing, Babsheba. We absolutely splurge and don’t feel a pang of guilt about it because, as you said, we’re so thrifty the rest of the time. How else could we stomach paying $70 for a pair of jeans — because they really fit! — and $250 for a sweater (it’s practically a coat) that’s like no other. One thing we do, though, is sleep on it. Then if we really want it, we’ll go back and get it. This cuts down on buyer’s remorse and ensures that we really are in love with our new pricey purchase!

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