Walkin’ Tall & Lookin’ Good

By Elle

When I was a kid, my mom was forever yanking on my shoulders from behind and scolding me: “Pull your shoulders back!” I guess I had the worst posture ever, bent forward like a tiny candy cane. I think it took years (I recall a fair amount of shoulder pulling), but I eventually straightened up.

Pilates equipment

Pilates equipment

Turns out mom was right. Good posture helps you look strong and healthy. And clothes fit best when you have good posture.

So how does one get good posture? Well, if you don’t have a mom to regularly yank your shoulders back, you can borrow mine. (Don’t whine at me later though.)

You might make an effort to keep straight and long by pretending a string is being pulled through your spine and up through the top of your head, essentially straightening you like a marionette.

Or you can consider taking up Pilates. This workout is designed to help you build a strong core, and a strong core helps you walk tall and look fabulous. It also helps prevent low back issues (theoretically, in my experience), helps you breathe properly and helps you look slimmer.

I love Pilates, and I love my mom. Thanks, Mom.

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