Why I Bought It #2

By Abby

Several years ago I was browsing through Passport to Peru, and I fell in love. I fell in love with a floor-length black skirt. Unfortunately it was many sizes too big. I bought it anyway. The skirt is wrap-around so I figured I could just tie it tight enough not to fall off. Luckily that has worked for me all these years.

Cotton skirt (note the accidental tie-dyed bottom)

Cotton skirt (note the accidental tie-dyed bottom)

I bought the skirt because I fell in love with the design. It has a grey wave across the bottom and stitching that mirrors the shape of the leafy pattern above it. It reminds me of the sea, a night storm approaching.

The first time I washed it some of the black bled out. Most often, laundry accidents are not good surprises. This time I was fine with it. The bleeding created a tie-dyed effect on the grey area. Although I think it distracts from the stitching, I rather like a tie-dyed look.

The other reason I love this skirt is its versatility. It can be:

Casual: The skirt is perfect for summer evenings or going to the pool. I wear it with black tank tops, bikinis and sandals.

Formal: It can be dressed up when paired with a black silk blouse and heels.

If you come across a great fashion find like mine, don’t limit yourself to it being only casual or only formal. Mix it up a bit and have some fun!

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