Flirtin’ With Spring

By Abby and Elle

Today we ventured out to see what’s up in spring fashion, specifically outerwear because there’s still a chill in the air. Plus we love coats. And it doesn’t matter if they’re for spring, fall or winter — we don’t play favorites. We love ’em all.

Dark khaki coat with ruffle lapel

Dark khaki coat with ruffle lapel

Among the usual black and khaki jackets (one pictured here with a flirty ruffle lapel), we found some bright spots: a Kenneth Cole (pictured below; $70) and a Steve Madden with a beautiful floral lining ($50), at Marshalls.

Kenneth Cole spring jacket

Kenneth Cole spring jacket

We also spied a beauty in brown (pictured below) at a local new and nearly new boutique, It’s So You!, for under $20. Note the white floral detail around the waist and cuffs. (We had the best time at the boutique, checking out their new and gently used items and their generous selection of reasonably priced jewelry, some of which was pretty funky.)

Spring coat in brown

Spring coat in brown

While the usual raincoat colors abound, orange is definitely in the air for spring. So if orange is a color that works well for you, you’re in luck!

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