Why I Bought It #1

By Elle

The other day I was out “gathering” at Green Roots Collection and stumbled across this funky top. It didn’t take me long to decide to buy it, and here’s why:

Ribbon-weave top with dark brown skirt

Ribbon-weave top with dark brown skirt

  • Colors  I’m partial to fall colors, and I like the rich red mixed with taupe and yellow-orange. (Here I’m wearing it over a dark green tank, which actually looks better in real life.)
  • Material  I like the ribbon weave in this top because it gives it airiness yet texture and body.
  • Versatility  I can definitely wear this over a cami on a cool summer evening, draped around my shoulders with sleeves tied during a summer afternoon, and over a long-sleeved top with a similar neckline in cooler months. It also pairs well with a skirt or pants.

Oh, plus it was on sale for about $30. Woo hoo!

I really wanted to wear it with a brown skirt, but the few brown skirts I already have just weren’t perfect. Plus, this top is long, which added to the difficulty. That’s OK. I’m a patient girl. On Saturday, I was in Little Italy, again gathering, and found this beauty at Juma Gallery. Also on sale ($65). Why’d I buy it?

  • Color  Love the rich brown in this skirt! My others are lighter, so this is a solid addition to my wardrobe.
  • Material  As they say, softer than a baby’s bottom.
  • Style  I like the “flounce” in this skirt, though I’m not a big flounce fan ordinarily, and I like the dropped waist — perfect under a long top!
Soft-knit brown skirt
Soft-knit brown skirt

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