Fashion 9-1-1 — Velvet: Yes or No?

Abby and Elle: I recently read that velvet has made a comeback.  I have a velvet outfit that I could wear on a cruise.  What say you? –An ardent follower of your blogs

Dear Ardent: We love velvet and here’s why: Not only does it have a rich texture but it also qualifies as what we call “casual luxury.” I have a black scarf with a velvet pattern on it that I love to wear with a turtleneck and dress pants for a sophisticated look or jeans for a more casual look. Either way, velvet works.

Now you didn’t tell us exactly what your outfit looks like, but I’m guessing it’s two pieces, such as a top and matching skirt or pants. For your cruise, I can see you wearing the entire outfit for dinner and dancing. Since velvet feels ultra-feminine to me, I like to see it accessorized with something soft — a lacy wrap for a cool night on deck? Or maybe a long lacy scarf worn as a belt?

Fiber necklace on

One of many fiber necklaces found on

And while pearl jewelry seems like a natural, I think an interesting fiber necklace would fit the bill. Shop Etsy for something unique, and enjoy your cruise! ~Elle

One thought on “Fashion 9-1-1 — Velvet: Yes or No?

  1. Love to wear my velvet jacket that I got on sale 2 Gap “several” seasons ago. It a warm-purple color and goes great with my jeans and black boots!

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