What I Wore Today: 11 Feb. 2012

By Elle

Oddly cold in Cleveland today! Odd because this winter has been the warmest ever — at least so far as I can recall. We had blizzard conditions all morning, and Abby and I had somewhere to be! We climbed into my Prius, hopped on the freeway, travelled a few miles in white-out conditions, and got right off at the next exit. Benefits of the entire white-knuckle trip: getting “cheap” ($3.36/gallon!) gas at that freeway exit and making it back home unscathed.

Grey outfit with multi-color scarf

Comfy warm outfit perfect for a chilly day!

I’d bundled up this morning in anticipation of being “outdoors” (by that I mean running from car to door and back again). Generally, I like to start with a base of solid color, in this case grey. Today’s base outfit consisted of a grey turtleneck, grey skirt (note the zipper detail on the front — cute!), dark grey tights and grey slouchy boots. Benefit of using one color: it’s slimming.

Fact: grey is one of my fave colors. But I wanted to liven up my outfit. So I added a whimsical multi-colored knit scarf and pink/red over-the-knee socks, both of which provided extra warmth on this chilly day.

Result: Fun look, perfect for visiting the local art museum, or driving from one freeway exit to another.

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