Scarf This Down

By Elle

Scarves are essential when it comes to offering versatility, and I love wearing them in the cooler months for added warmth. There’s something about having soft, warm material cozied up to my neck and chest that I find comforting.

Scarlet turtleneck with floral scarf

Scarlet turtleneck with light grey stripes paired with floral scarf

Some people like to mix textures, like wearing a summery cotton scarf with a wooly sweater, but I’m not one of those people. I’m more of a purist because I think the end result looks more polished, more thoughtful — seriously, more natural.

Scarves not only are a great addition to any wardrobe, but they also can be an excuse to get funky.  I’ve recently been mixing patterned scarves, such as one with flowers, with patterned tops, such as one with stripes. In this example, red is the dominant color in both items, and I think the combination works especially well because the grey stripes on the turtleneck are subtle.

Summer tank duo with cotton scarf

Summer tank duo with cotton scarf

I’m quite picky about my scarves; I don’t just buy them willy-nilly. If I see one that I like, there are criteria to be met! I need to:

  • Make sure I like the texture
  • Consider the length/size
  • Think about how I might wear it: Around my neck? Shoulders? Hips?
  • Consider what I’ll wear it with
Sleeveless cowl neck top with lace scarf

Sleeveless cowl neck top with lace scarf bought in a Bloomington, IN, boutique

If you typically wear solids (which I tend to do), add spice to your outfit with patterned scarves, and vice versa.

And don’t disregard scarves in the summer months. You can find a number of light cotton scarves that look fabulous with tank tops — and provide a little comfort if you find yourself in an over-air-conditioned establishment.

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